Nasa Non Disclosure Agreement

This rule proposes to amend the Nasa Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) SupplementSmittel (FAR) to provide instructions on how NASA will acquire support services for management and management functions when the performance of these services requires the contractor to have access to confidential information transmitted by other contractors. NASA`s increased use of contractors to support management and management functions, coupled with the implementation of authority-wide electronic information systems, requires consistent procedures to protect confidential information from unauthorized use or disclosure. NASA certifies that this proposed rule does not have a significant economic impact on a significant number of small businesses under the Regulatory Flexibility Act (5 U.S.C. 601, and. seq.), given that the proposed new lean approach to the implementation of specific security measures and procedures for each service provider should provide the same protection or better protection for confidential information provided by small businesses as the current system of agreements by third-party companies, provided for by FAR 9.505-4. This proposed rule should ease the burden on small businesses by not requiring them to enter into several third-party agreements with the many service companies that support NASA`s management and management functions. JPL and a third party must reveal confidential information in order to progress effectively with a research proposal and can therefore enter into a confidentiality agreement (NDA). The Contract Management Division handles NIFS and the confidentiality agreement application form is available at: cms/cms_NDA.cfm (2) The confidential information it holds protects against unauthorized use and disclosure. In the past, NASA contracts rarely required access to another contractor`s confidential information, which made the FAR procedure quite clear. However, the current environment raises the question of whether the use of FAR 9.505-4 remains feasible for NASA.